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Nova Scotia

By Kaleigh


Size and Population

The size of Nova Scotia's land and water is up to an area of

21,425 sq. mi. ( 55,490 sq Km)

The population of Nova Scotia is not as small as you may think.

You may think it does not have many people, but it does. 

Can you GUESS?

 Well , if you do not know

 then I 'll tell you . 
It is
900,000 .

Language Spoken

Most people there are Scottish.  
The Scots speak 1 language it is Scottish.

Their Motto is

Munit Haec et Altera Vincit.

Capital City

The Capital City of Nova Scotia and the Maritimes have lovely sights to see.

Halifax is the Capital City.

Cape Breton Island has a capital city too. It is Louisburg.


There are many Hills and Valleys in Nova Scotia.

There are also Mountains, Parries and Lakes in Nova Scotia.


 Interesting Places

Two very interesting places are Grand Pre and Cape Breton Island.




Nova Scotia's main industry is fishing in the ocean off the islands.


 Photo Gallery 






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