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By Isaac and Erin

On the map see the green space that is between the red and brown spaces

That is Saskatchewan!!!


There are up to 989,000 people living in Saskatchewan, at the moment, that is.



The capital city is Regina. Even though Saskatoon is the biggest city in Saskatchewan.

 Animals and Plants

Some of the animals that live in Saskatchewan are elk, moose, caribou, bears, beavers, minks, otters and wolves. Saskatchewan's honourary plant is the prairie lily.

The Flag

On the flag of Saskatchewan there is a red flower. In the top right hand corner there is a shield with a red lion. The background is yellow. At the bottom of the shield there are three wheat stacks with a green background. The lanuguage they speak is English.


Saskatchewan is a prairie province. that means it grows wheat and is very flat.  It also provides lots of natural oil.

Provincial Bird

Saskatchewan's provincial bird is the prairie sharp-tailed grouse. It looks a bit like a rooster with no wattle.





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