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New Brunswick
By Scott


New Brunswick is a beautiful place because it has thick forests, rolling hills, rushing water falls and rocky shores. In New Brunswick there are about 727300 people living there. Did you know ninety percent of New Brunswick is forests. Maritime means having to do with the sea. Canada has three maritime provinces the other two are Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia. Mount Carlton is the highest peak at 815 meters. Two local families are McCain's and Irving's. The Irving's control the oil refining and the McCain's control New Brunswick's second most important industry - food selling.  Lots of people like to eat McCain's frozen French fries and other frozen foods. There is lots of water in New Brunswick so there is lots of fish and lots of fish mean lots of fishing. All those forests provide jobs like pulp and paper and lumbering industry. New Brunswick is full of minerals. The mines at Bathurst it produces silver, lead and zinc. New Brunswick is full of beautiful sights. Lowlands in New Brunswick have lots of peat bogs. Peat bogs are a mixture of decaying plants.



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