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By Karin

Manitoba is Ontario's neighbour.

The capital of Manitoba is Winnipeg. 

Manitoba is one of the prairie provinces.

There are about 1 096 700 people living there.

The land in Manitoba is very flat and is good for farming.

They speak English.


There are many lakes and rivers in Manitoba.

There are over 100 000 lakes.

Lake Winnipeg is the largest lake in Manitoba.

Beluga whales are found in Hudson's Bay.



Coat of Arms and Provincial Flag

It has a bright red background.

The animals that are on the flag are beaver, unicorn and a horse.

 Manitoba's coat of arms was adopted in 1992. 

Manitoba's coat of arms


There are lots of animals in Manitoba.

The birds in Manitoba are grouse, partridge, prairie chicken and ptarmigan.

The animals are caribou, elk, moose, deer, fox, lynx, mink, raccoon, bear, coyote, muskrat and ermine.

The water animals are beaver and otter.

Polar bears have their babies and make their homes near Churchill .

They also hunt seal when the ice forms on Hudson's Bay.





There are many kinds of plants.

These are some kinds of trees aspen, black spruce, jack pine, white spruce, ash, maple, oak, birch and tamarack.

Wildflowers such as fireweed and columbines grow in forests.

The Prairie Crocus is often seen growing on the wide open prairie


 Provincial Flag 


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