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By Douglas





The size of the Yukon is 483,450 square kilometers. The population of the Yukon is 27,660 and the capital city is Whitehorse which has a population of 17,925. The language spoken in the Yukon is English.






In the  Yukon you can find many plateaus, or flat highlands, and very deep valleys everywhere.

In the last billion year a lot of the glaciers shaped the territory's landscape. The Yukon river is the

second largest river in The Northwest Territories which crosses about 2,000 from the Yukon -

British Columbia border. Early during the 1800's a British trader named John Bell named the river

Yukon, from an Indian which means "great river." The Yukon also has lowlands which include a great

 assortment of mosses, lichens, and low growing trees.




In the Yukon the territorial plant is fireweed and it grows in burned areas and another name for this plant is Willow Herb. The fireweed can grow from 0.9 to 1.8 metres high and it looks like a very long wand. The flowers in the Yukon are: mountain avens, artic poppies, wild roses, lupines and there are different types of wild orchids.






The people in the Yukon have jobs just like we do in the province of Ontario. The types of jobs that are in the Yukon include mining which is the most important industry to the people. The main minerals mined are gold and zinc. There are other mines that are being developed to unearth hard-rock gold, copper, silver.


The second largest industry is Tourism. People come from all over the world to see the Alaskan highway and all of the amazing surroundings which include the famous "Signpost" near Watson Lake, which has over 20,000 different signs from around the world.


Small factories in the Yukon make up the third biggest industry in the Yukon. These factories make chemicals, eyeglass lenses, wood products, jewelry, and the famous winter coats called "Yukon Parkas".





Every year on the last weekend in June, storytellers come to Whitehorse, Yukon Territory to the largest and very unusual gathering to listen to poems and stories. These people sleep in tents along the Yukon River. This festival is called Yukon International Storytelling Festival.


These are a listing of the annual events in the Yukon:

1. Southern Lakes Dogsled Race in Carcross, Yukon. Jan.

2. Frostbite Music Frostbite Music Festive In Whitehorse,

in February.

3. Shortest Night in Burwash Landing , June.

4. Yukon Gold Planning Championships In Dawson City, July




The Yukon Territory has always been known as the "Land of the Midnight Sun", this is because during the summer time, twilight last almost until sunrise.

During the winter months it is a very cold season but there is very little snowfall.

Audrey McLaughlin was born and raised in the Yukon where was the second women to be elected to Canada's House of Commons.

Endangered and Threatened Species

Mammals: wood bison 

Birds: autumn peregrine falcon.




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