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By Jonathan C. and Devin

Alberta became a Canadian province on September 1, 1905.The capital city of Alberta is Edmonton. Edmonton is also the province 's largest city. The provincial flower is the wild rose.

There are about 2,538 185 people living there. Alberta is the fourth largest Canadian province. Alberta is a western prairie province. British Columbia is on the west side; Saskatchewan is on the east side; to the north are the Northwest Territories and to the south are the United States.

The average temperatures in Alberta is 59F and 15c in July 5F and -15c in January. 

In Alberta there are many different resources like mining, forest products Oil/Natural gas, wheat and other grains.


There are many forests in Alberta. They are filled with trees such as balsam poplar, balsam fir, douglas fir, jack pine, lodge pole pine, tamarack, trembling aspen and several kinds of spruce.

The provincial flower, the wild rose, can be seen growing throughout the province. The wild rose can be 1.8 meters and 6 feet tall. The wild rose has a curving ,brown stem that is covered with sharp, hooked prickles. The leaves are dark green on top and pale green underneath. The flowers are a soft pink colour.  It has orange fruits after the flowers have fallen.

The Rocky Mountains go though Alberta. The animals that live in the Rocky Mountains are Bighorn sheep,Mountian Goats, Grizzly bear, Mule, Mountian Lion, Elk and Deer .



 The Great Horned Owl is Alberta's provincial bird. It is a large owl and is over 40 cm 16 inches in length. On its head are a bunch of feathers that look like ears. It likes to make its nest in an old nest, a cavity of a tree or on a cliff ledge. The Great Horned Owl is a savage hunter.

Photos of Alberta





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