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They eat:

  • blubber
  • raw food
  • caribou
  • seal
  • fish
  • birds
  • musk oxen
  • whales
  • polar bears
  • berries
  • stems
  • fruits
  • eggs
  • meat
  • walrus

The Inuit ate most of their food raw because they had little or no wood for a fire.

The oil lamp was used sometimes for cooking but it took a long time to cook anything.The Inuit ate little food in a meal, but they ate often.

Walrus liver and the layer of fat from the white whale (called blubber) was enjoyed by the Inuit. Blubber was thought of as a treat for Inuit children.

They also enjoyed eating the food that was left over in a dead caribou's stomach and a soup made of hot water and seal blood.

They hunted seal by sneaking up quietly and harpooning it.

They caught seal in the water by dropping a bone tied to leather in the water. They then waited until the bone moved and then they harpooned it.

They caught walrus by going in their kayaks and harpooning them.

They caught land animals by trapping them and throwing spears at the animals.

By:Terry and Chris


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