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How to make an electro-magnet

Things you will need:

  • nail
  • wire
  • battery

Attach one end of the wire to one side of the battery.  Wrap the wire in a coil around the nail and attache the other end of the wire to the other end of the battery.  The nail will now be magnetized.  If you break the current, it will lose its magnetism.

An electro-magnet can be big or small and runs on electricity. An electro- magnet is made of a piece of iron or steel. The steel or iron is attached to a wire which is attached to a battery. Electro- magnets are used in doorbells and school bells. They are used in other things too. Electro-magnets and normal magnets have molecules that are put together to make electrons. If you take the electric current away from an electro-magnet it will not work until you turn it back on.

ByJordan and Stefan



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