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The tendancy of an object that is moving to keep moving or an object that is standing still to remain still.

When you're roller blading and you hit a patch of grass your legs want to stop and your body wants to keep going.

Our class did an experiment about inertia. We had to make a seatbelt for a stuffed animal. We tested to see who had the strongest seatbelt. We had to use materials such as tape, string and other materials. We had to put the stuffed animal on a scooter. Two people had to hold a ruler so that the class could see if the stuffed animal would fly off the scooter when it hit the ruler. We were in groups of three and did five tests on the stuffed animals to see if we made our seatbelts strong enough (e.g. upside down test).

In outer space there is lots and lots of inertia. In space if you get pushed you will go flying until you hit an object.


 By: Mark and Erin




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