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Triops are sometimes called tadpole shrimp.

Most of the Triops are female.

All Triops have 70 legs.

The Triops were born in March.

When it was day 1 for the Triops there were little white things hopping around the tank.

Then on day two, three and four they stayed all the same.

On day five the Triops got bigger and bigger and bigger.

On day six for the Triops some of the them were over 1cm long.

On day 13 the Triops have grown a lot.

Then on day 15 the Triops tank was so dirty we had to clean it.

On day 19 for the Triops most of them were full grown.

On day 24 for the Triops they were 5cm long.

Then on day 24 again they were even bigger then before.

The Triops were full grown but all of them have passed away.

They have been very good pets to our class, we miss them little legs and all.




By : Megan , Chenel, Devin , Salim, Kyle and Blaze


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