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Newborn Mice.


The 13 baby mice were born on Friday April 14th 2000. They were pink skinned with no fur and

little stumpy tails and closed eyes.


On day one the baby mice and Blackberry, their mother, were doing well. On day two the baby mice had a darker tinge. On day 4 the baby mice had fur coming up through their skin. On day 5 all the baby's have popped up their ears. On day 6 the babies tails have grown and so has their body. On day 8 a baby fell into the food dish when he was eating his food.


The babies are now two weeks old and they now have fur and two babies have died. The others have almost opened their eyes. One more baby died after they opened their eyes. The babies are now three weeks old and the babies are eating from the food dish and drinking water.



By Tejpal, Michele, Daniel,

Krista, Divora ,Benjimen.



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